Direct IP Play for FBPRO98

1. It is not required that the home team should host the game. The person with the best ISP connection should host the game and give his IP address to the person who is going to join the game.
2. To find your IP address: Connect to the internet and then open your DOS prompt and type: WINIPCFG. If your using Windows 2000 or Windows XP type: IPCONFIG
3. For league games, both teams need to have the correct GAMExxyy.IN file loaded in the FBPRO98 directory and you should exchange plans and profiles just as we did when playing WONnet.
4. If your having problems, try turning off any unnecessary programs including ICQ or other instant message programs during the game.
5. Start the game up.
6. Click on the Online/Remote Play button. 
7. Click on the League button that pops up. Be sure the Online bullet is highlighted, and then DOUBLE click on your GAMExxyy.IN file. 
8. Click on the Network/Modem bullet, and then click on the OK button.
9. Now you are at the important screen. Be sure to follow closely:
a. Enter your name in the Player Name field.
b. Complete the Game Name field. Example: Week 7 Atl at Chi
c. Make sure you set yourself to the home or visitor correctly.
d. Make sure the LOW LATENCY box is checked or the clock will move very slowly.
e. Below the LOW LATENCY field is another field titled Connect Using: Click in this field and select: Internet TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay. 
f. The HOST computer then clicks on the CREATE GAME button and waits. 
g. The JOINING computer will click on the FIND GAME button. A pop up window will prompt for the IP address you wish to connect to. Simply put in the host IP address and click on okay. It will then find the game. When you see the game listed in the window click on the new button that appears JOIN GAME. 

More Information:
Be prepared for the game to move slower, so take your time and make sure the game is ready before you select a play or push a button.

IP addresses can change each time you connect to the internet. If you crash and loose your ISP connection, find your new IP address before you restart.

If you crash, simply restart the game with the same steps as above. You should pick up right where you left off (league games).

If you crash, restart the game and then exit out before connecting to your opponent, you are screwed because that will delete the important files. So, you may want to copy the below files to a backup directory if you crash before restarting the game:

If the "Game is not responding" message appears, push your Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously but select cancel. Some believe this will "unfreeze" the game and you will be able to continue. 

*Thanks to IFL for the info.