This file contains two files that overwrite those in your FBPRO98 folder. Setup.ini allows you to play without the CD and huddles. Cities.dat adds Shreveport, LV, Sacramento, Birmingham and Montreal. As well as actual stadium names. Unzip them into your FBPRO98 folder.  

This utility is used to send the comissioner your weekly roster moves. Make a folder in FBPRO98 called RMUPDATE and unzip to there.

This utility is the training camp utility we will be using this season. Make a folder in FBPRO98 called CAMPCOMP and unzip the Camp Complete download there. Unzip the support files into the c: windows/system directory. It basically runs the same as the ITC utility. Make sure you use the Individual training camp option, under the Team Owner pulldown when doing camp.

The zip contains files to restart some crashed games.


This utility allows you to read the play.log files from each weeks games.

This Utility is used for ALL League Drafts, get the Shareware version.

See the Help page for specific instructions on each file and utility.