Table of Contents


I.a. Loading game and files
I.b. Creating a new folder
I.c. Generating log files
I.d. Creating Gamexxyy.in files
III.a. Directory Structure
III.b. ppp setup
III.c. needed files
III.d. General requirements for Smooth play
III.e. Gameplan creation
III.f. Profiles creation
IV.a. Schedualing games
IV.b.Preperation for games
IV.c. Meeting up to play
IV.d. What to do after the game
V.a. Halftime crashes
V.b.Non-halftime Crashes
VI.a. Do Nots
VI.b. Dos
VI.c. Tips
VI.d. Frequently asked questions

The typical LFL schedual will be as follows:  
Tuesday 7am Eastern - Deadline for all trades , FA signings, gamexxyy.out and play.log files to be sent to the commich.
Wednesday 7am Eastern - Deadline for all roster moves.Use the RMUPDATE utility for this.

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LFL Procedures

*note: Some newer CDs put the game in a folder called AAS_FbPro instead of one called FBPRO98. If that is the case read FBPRO98 as AAS_FbPro. C:sierra/fbpro98 would be C:sierra/aas_fbpro.

I.a. Loading Game and Files

1.)Load the FBPRO98 CD onto your computer.

2.)Install the 1.08 patch.Get it here.

3.)Download and unzip the SETUP.zip file to c:sierra/fbpro98 Get it here.

4.)Download and unzip the latest LFL.zip file to c:sierra/fbpro98. Get it here. This will be done twice a week as the master     files change.

5.)Create a new folder in the c:sierra/fbpro98 directory. Name it RMUPDATE. This is a utility used to create a file to send the commish your roster moves. Download the RMUPDATE.zip file here. Unzip it to c:sierra/fbpro98/rmupdate

*note: If you can't run this utility Email the Commish for the MSVBVM50.DLL. Place it in the windows/system directory.

6.)Create a new folder in the c:sierra/fbpro98 directory. Name it CAMPCOMP. This is the training camp utility. Download the CAMPCOMP.zip file here. Unzip it to c:sierra/fbpro98/campcomp

7.)Create a new folder in the c:sierra/fbpro98 directory. Name it BACKUP.

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1.) Go to Windows Explorer.

2.) Highlight the c:\sierra\fbpro98 directory in the tree on the left.

3.) Under the edit menu at the top select "new" and "folder"

4.) A new folder (directory) will be created with the name "new folder" highligted. Type the name to what ever you want and you are done.

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I.c. Generating Log Files

1.)Right click START.

2.)Left click OPEN.

3.)Double click PROGRAMS.

4.)Double click SIERRA.

5.)Right click FBPRO98 shortcut.

6.)Left click PROPERTIES.

7.)Click the SHORTCUT tab.

8.)The TARGET line should read c:\sierra\fbpro98\hike.exe -L

*note: Make sure there is a space between exe and -L

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I.d. Creating Gamexxyy.in files

Once you are ready to head to KALI follow these steps:

1.) Start FBPro

2.) Click GAME TYPE

3.) Click LEAGUE

4.) Load the LFL




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All CPU games will be simmed by the Commish. At the beginning of the week, email him your PPPs. Human vs CPU games are not allowed.

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III.a. Directory Structure

All of the plans and profiles you create are to be kept in the following directory structure to function properly in league play: C:\sierra\fbpro98 AND c:\sierra\fbpro98\custom.

The league files should be kept in the c:\sierra\fbpro98 directory.  Unzip the LFL.zip file into the c:\sierra\fbpro98 directory.

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III.b. PPP Setup

Save the gameplan with the following nomenclature: <1 or 2 for first or 2nd half>.pln

An example for Ottawa's 1st half defensive gameplan would be: OTTD1.pln

You do not have to create separate defensive or offensive plans for each half if you do not wish to.

Coaching profiles are to be based off of the profiles found in the C:\sierra\fbpro98\stock directory or the LFL CPU profiles.

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III.c. Needed files

1.)Download the online_play.zip containing a help file in text form, fbplans.zip, recovery_aid.exe, newgame.bat

2.)Extract the Recovery aid98.exe and the newgame.bat into c:\Sierra\Fbpro98. Make shortcuts to your desktop.

*note: If your main folder is titled AAS_FbPro and not FBPro98 you will need to email the commish for different newgame.bat file.

3.)Print out a hard copy of this help page and put the fbplans.zip file in a safe place, so it can be easily found and used. i.e. An LFL folder on your desktop.

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1.). Make sure that you have the 1.08 Final Patch. The league is using this patch and it is a requirement.

*note: To verify you have updated to 1.08, start FBPRO, click OPTIONS from the main menu, and in the lower left part of the screen, you should see version 1.08. If not, re-run the patch.

2.) During the game DO NOT sub players. This will not be good.

3.) Wait until the play clock runs down to 36 seconds before calling your play. Offense picks first, then defense. The game will let you know when your opponent has picked.

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1.) The LFL is a stock play league, DO NOT create your own plays, this is not allowed and will be strictly inforced.

2.) Create your plan. Using stock plays. See the Leage Charter for a list of BANNED PLAYS.

3.) Save the plans in C:\sierra\fbpro98 AND in C:\sierra\fbpro98\custom

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Profiles are useless on IP as you will be calling the shots. Simply use the STOCK profiles that are located in C:\SIERRA\FBPRO98\STOCK or an LFL profile located in c:\SIERRA\FBPRO98\CUSTOM. Do NOT use OFF1, OFF2, DEF1, or DEF2 that are in C:\SIERRA\FBPRO98 directory. Please note the following:

1.) You can edit the substitution percentages in one of the STOCK profiles if you desire and resave as a unique name, i.e. OTT.PRF.

2.) Never call specific plays in the profiles.

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*note: If you cannot play a game during the alloted time period, please let your opponent know. Do not just assume he knows. IT IS CONSIDERED THE WORSE KIND OF OFFENSE TO NOT SHOW UP FOR GAMES, like having sex with your neighbours dog or taking his wife for a walk.You will need to send him your plans and profiles either as an email attachment or over MSM before the game.

IV.a. Schedualing League Games
1.) The home team should contact the visitor as far in advance as possible to schedule a date and time to meet and play the game. This should be done via email and the email should include the following:

a.) Your name, reply email address, and team.

b.) Several times you can meet and play with the time zone you are talking about specified.

2.) The visitior should email back as to when he can meet. Hopefully this will be one of the times the home team listed, if none are agreeable then suggest more times.

3.) When a date and time is agreed upon, BE ON TIME.

4) 7 days/week. max extension 3 days. On the 10th day update.

5) max 5 sims allowed in a season. A hard deadline may make it tough some weeks... even for the most dedicated.

6) 6th sim lose 7th round pick(s) and all later picks, 7th sim lose 6th round pick(s), 8th sim lose 5th round pick(s) etc until they are all gone.

7) all sims will be done straight up. No bias to either team. Using a FULL playbook provided by the team or commish.

8) If you stand another player up it is an automatic loss. This means schedule a game and then not show.

9) If you don't contact your opponent within 5 days of the files update they are allowed to find a sub or sim a win or sim straight up. Their choice.

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1.) Before you start a new FBPRO98 game, run the batch file Newgame.bat. It should be in the FBPRO98 directory. ANSWER "Y" TO EACH QUESTION ASKED. It is highly suggested you put this batch as a shortcut on your desktop. It is a small program that deletes all game.OUT, gamesav.BKO, game.IN, play.LOG files so that you have a clean folder for a new game. DO NOT run this after you have started the game! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FOLDER NAMED BACKUP IN THE FBPRO98 DIRECTORY BEFORE YOU RUN THIS!!!!!

2.) Unzip the newest LFL.zip file into c:\sierra\fbpro98. This should be done no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled game time to ensure that both teams have the newest, identical league files.

3.) Place your opponet's plans and profiles in the c:\sierra\fbpro98 and c:\sierra\fbpro98\custom directories.

4.) Make sure you have your correct plans and profiles  in your C:\sierra\fbpro98 and c:\sierra\fbpro98\custom directories.

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When the game loads:

1.)Make sure MSM is disabled or set on do not disturb before you play the game.

2.)Start game. Create the gamexxyy.in files needed.

3.) Click the ONLINE/REMOTE Button

4.) Select League

5.) Select the proper gamexxyy.in file for your game (the xx corresponds to the current week of the season and the yy corresponds to the game number of your game if you count down from the top of the list in the league schedule screen)

6.) Select the NETWORK/MODEM Button

9.) The Home team creates the game.

8.) Click HOME, check the low latency box, click create game.

10.) The Visiting team types in the homes teams IP address, and then joins the game.

11.) Make sure you load your PPPs out of the CUSTOM folder. Not the FBPRO98 folder.

12.)As you enter the game there should be NO FILE TRANSFERS. If there are you can continue on but there is a greater chance of there being problems during the game. Be prepared.

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1.) When the game is complete, there are two files that you need to send to the Commish,
 the Gamexxyy.out and the play.log file can be found in the C:\Sierra\Fbpro98 directory

*Note: xxyy numbers to be the same as the game.out numbers for the current week's game.

2.) Rename the play.log file to correspond with the game. ie. Ottawa at Winnipeg would be ott@winn.log

3.) Both teams should zip and mail the Gamexxyy.out file and the renamed log file to the Commish.

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*note: Crashes happen, be prepared for them and they are no big deal. If set up properly and recovered properly most games will run free of lock-ups and crashes.


1.) If the game crashes at halftime. Go to the C:sierra\fbpro98 directory. Backup the game.sav, game.org, game.in, and play.log  files to a safe location. For example a new folder on your desktop.

2.) Make sure that there are no 0 kb files in the fbpro98 directory or the custom directory. If so, delete them.

3.)Do not unzip the fbplans.zip file's contents into the c:\sierra\fbpro98 directory unless files are missing. When you try to restart the game will let you know if files are missing. This will put any missing files into your directory.

4.) Return back IMMEDIATELY to the game. DO NOT go edit your plays or plans or whatever. This causes the files to be purged and you to start at the coin toss.

5. a) If a game crashes in the 1st, restart.
    b) If a game crashes in the 2nd and tied, restart. Either team leading, home team sims it out. Using home files.
    c) If a game makes it past the half and crashes in the 3rd. Home team sims it out. Using home files.

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1.) If it is a NON-halftime crash. You must determine whether or not your are in sync with your opponent. To do this you must each check and verify the last play recorded in the play.log file. Which can be found in the C:sierra\fbpro98 directory. This is a text file and can be read with any text editor.

a. If the last plays recorded are similar. Then you must backup the files as normal. The BIG difference with non halftime crashes is that FBPro98 MIGHT purge your game.sav and game.org file. If this happens, Go into the C drive. Check for the game.sav and game.org files and check for a GAME0000 folder. If the files are missing and a GAME0000 folder appears your files have been purged. Drag the GAME0000 folder onto the desktop and copy all the files in it BACK into the sierra\fbpro98 directory.

b. If the files are still there and there is NO GAME0000 folder. Then you are in sync and set to go.

c. Return to WON. You DO NOT REQUIRE RECOVER AID if the game is STILL IN SYNC.

2. IF the play.log shows different plays for the last play in each teams play.log file. This means your game is OUT OF SYNC. RECOVER AID is REQUIRED for ALL OUT OF SYNC GAMES!!!!

a. This is the tricky part. And sometimes the unfair part. If a game is out of sync. The home team must backup its game.sav, game.org and play.log files. The visiting team must also do the same. Then the visiting team then DELETES the play.log, game.sav, game.org, game.in, game.in2 or whatever other game.* files are in the sierra\fbpro98 directory...AFTER BACKING THEM UP!!!!

b. The home team then ICQ's the game.sav, game.org and play.log file to the visiting team. The VISITING TEAM ONLY must run Recovery Aid and hit the SWITCH SIDES button. Then NEXT. DO NOT start FBPRO98 from the Recovery Aid program.  Unzip the fbplans.zip file's contents into the c:\sierra\fbpro98 directory.

c. Both teams must then start FBPro'98 on their OWN. DO NOT USE Recovery Aid TO START THE GAME!!

d. If the game cannot be restarted after THREE ATTEMPTS with the HOME TEAMS FILES. You must then do 2a 2b and 2c over again with the VISITING TEAMS FILES! Don't take advantage of this please. You are all grown men and you don't get any money for winning these games, and anyone caught using this to gain an advantage is a jerk and will be expelled from the league.

e. If you do not wish to try a crash recovery AND you can agree on this, the remainder of the game should be simmed by the home team using the PPPs used in the game. If one player wants to try a crash recovery then you MUST try three times. After that the home team will sim the remainder. Make sure you delete the other teams PPP's after the game!!!

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VI. Dos, Do Nots and FAQs

VI.a. DO NOT's

1.) Intentionally do anything that will lead to a lock up or crash.

2.) Use the private chat while playing a game.

3.) Leave icq on active/available mode while playing a game. You can activate it if a crash occurrs.

4.) Manually substitute...use your coaching proflies for this. These pauses lead to crashes.

5.) Purpousely leave a game because you are loosing and tell you opponet to finish it.

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VI.b. DO's

1.) Make every effort to recover before restarting.

Save all game.sav and game.org files from different points or recovery. You may have to revert to one of these to get it finished.

2.) Work with your opponet. Remember crashes can be frustrating for him too.

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None at this time.

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VI.d. FAQs

1) Q: I get system error: cannot load play <Custom\KICKOFF.ply>, old format. When I try to play on WON.

     A: Go into the CUSTOM folder in FBPRO98 and delete any 0k (zero k) sized files.

2) Q: I either receive or send files before games on IP, even though we exchanged PPPs before the game.

     A: Make sure you are loading the plans and profiles from the CUSTOM folder. Not the FBPRO98 folder.

3) Q: Even though we have downloaded the latest LFL.zip we still get the league files are different message.

    A: Unzip the latest LFL.zip, then each owner should delete the lfl.pyf file from the FBPRO98 folder.

4) Q: While playing in IP, whenever I am the offense the game locks up and crashes.

    A: There is a soundcard issue, download and unzip this setup.ini files to your FBPRO98 folder. Overwrite the existing file.

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