est. 1999

"28 Seasons later, here we are."



The LFL is a H2H Stock league that uses Sierra's FBPRO98 as our game platform, the 1.08 patch from Sierra and a special setup.ini file. See the HELP page for more information and detailed setup instructions.
We are playing with a mix of actual CFL, NFL and fantasy teams, but playing American rules. The owners make all the GM's decisions: collage drafts, training camp, trading, signing free agents etc.

Anyone interested in owning a team check availability Here.

Any other questions or comments can be sent to:

COMMISIONER: Travis Kennedy

The LFL is a nonprofit online football league intended for entertainment purposes only. The LFL in not endorsed or in any other way connected or affiliated with the CFL. That’s not to say the LFL doesn't support the CFL. We do.
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