'Good friends we've had,  good friends we've lost.....along the way.'


Birmingham trades QB Pong Lenis to Winnipeg for their 2024 2nd round pick.
Minnesota trades DT  Swift Birch  to Texas for their 2024 2nd round pick.

Minnesota trades DB Remington Lamb to Jacksonville for their 2024 3rd round pick. 2nd round if Jax makes the playoffs.
Minnesota trades DB Aaron Ruffin  to Edmonton for their 2024 3rd round pick. 2nd round if Jax makes the playoffs.


Ottawa trades WR Flutie to Calgary for QB Farrington and Calgarys 2023 3rd round pick.
Ottawa trades WR Thaddeus Heck to Jacksonville for CB Pete Davis
Ottawa trades their 2023 2nd round pick and FB Duane Forde to Minnesota for WR Darren Flutie.
Texas trades WR Darren Flutie and QB Doug flutie to Minnesota for QB Marvin Graves, LB Ron Yale and Minnesotas 2023 2nd round pick.
Ottawa trades RB Keyvan Jenkins to Edm for their 2023 4th round pick.
Ottawa trades their 2022 1st , 4rth rounders and WR Tommy Johnson to BC for their 2022 1st rounder.


Edmonton trades CB Sharf to Ottawa for WR Welch
Ottawa trades CB Bahr to Hamilton for WR Blades
Hamilton trades CB Ulmer and  LB Bales to EDM for LB Clark and LB Walker
Edmonton Eskimos trade Darren Flutie Wr to the Texas Outlaws for the rights to their 2022 1st and 4th round picks and Matt Clarke LB.
Saskatchewan trades DT Tracy Rindenour to Edmonton for the Eskimos 2022 3rd round pick (4rth).


Eskimos send  RB Keyvan Jenkans and DL Turner Wallace to Ottawa for RB Tim Reid and DL Kelby Harper.
Sacramento trades running back Troy Mills to Edmonton for their 2021 first round pick.
Edmonton trades S Irv Warren to Saskatchewan for the Riders 2021 3rd round pick.


Ottawa trades their 2019 and 2020 1st round picks as well as LB Snipes to Edmonton for Edmontons 2019 1st round pick as well as Edmontons 2020 3rd round pick.


Ottawa has traded WR Mervin Fernandez and LB Dan Godfrey to Minnesota for WR Craig Ellis and CB Andre Bahr.
Ottawa Trades OL Tyrell Brubaker to Edmonton for QB Guy Farrington.
Minnisota trades  DE Glen Ciancutti to Edmonton  for G Casey Orr.  
Saskatchewan trades their 2019 4rth round pick to Winnipeg for DE Lester Higgs.


Texas trades its 2nd and 4th round picks (2017) to minn. for cb wilkerson.


Minnesota send WR Tony Shannon to Hamilton for QB Gavin Fine
Eskimos send LB Bennie Goods and their 2017 3rd round pick (2nd  if BC loses Goods) to the BC Lions for Qb Steve Ruffatto and LB Tuineau Alipate.
Jacksonville sends WR Tiege to Saskatchewan for TE Hamilton
Ottawa trades RB Lester Brown to BC for their 2016 4rth round pick.
The Vikings trade WR Clay Stanton for BC's 2nd round draft pick., 2016 Draft.


Texas trades LB Tasker , LB Lutz and DT Hollas to British Columbia for both  their  2015 1st round picks.


Ottawa trades WR Jones and RB Wallace to Toronto for QB Dunigan
Dallas trades RB Harrison to Toronto for QB Muecke
Texas trades RB Jones, WR Florence and tehir 2015 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks to BC for WR Alexander, RB Green and DL Hollas.
Dallas trades RB Tomlinson and WR Wainright to Brimingham for WR Evaire and RB Jordan
Dallas trades WR Wayne to Ottawa for WR Mequita, DL Joseph, and their 2015 3rd round pick
Dallas sends LB Jeff Steele and 2015 4th round college draft pick to Hamilton  for LB Dan Wicklum
Las Vegas Trades DT Bronson Smith to Dallas for their 2015  3rd round pick and their 2016 3rd.
Winnipeg trades OL Geaoff Lee, DB Brad Orr and their  2015 3rd round pick to Dallas for OL Leonard Davis
Eskimos send Danny MacManus(QB) and Albert Jones(HB) to the Outlaws for Jay Williams(DB), Derrick Crawford(WR) and Tom Burgess (QB)
Dallas sends DB Sampson, and LB Battle to Edmonton for  DB Thomas, LB Byars,  the 2014 #2 pick in the second round and Edmonton’s 1st round pick in 2015 college draft.
Mobile sends  Wr marc hall and mobile's 2014 2nd rd pick to las vegas for Las vegas WR's  Jarvis maggs and  Rob Mcnabb and OC Terrell Brubaker


Halifax trades DL Higgs to Winnipeg for DB Sappington and their 2015 4th round pick.
Edmonton trades WR Stanley Adcock to Ottawa for DB Stanley Blair.
Calgary trades LB Jerry Beasley to Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan's 2014 1st round pick.
Edmonton sends LB Robert Dupriest, OL Mark Urness, DL Leroy Blue as well as Edmontons 2014 3rd and 4th round picks to Dallas for
LB Robert Scroggins, DL Paul McClurg, OL Brian Raymond and the
Texas 2014 2nd round pick.
Las Vegas sends DL Lance Cook and DL Gary Kutcher to Halifax for DL Rick Savage and OL Terrell Brubaker.
Hamilton trades their 2013 1st round pick to Winnipig for their 2014 2nd rounder and the 2014 3rd rounder acquited from Cats
Dallas sends their 2013 second round pick # 4, and Dallas' second round pick 2014 to Jacksonville for their 2014 1st round pick 
Dallas sends OL Marc Howard to Pittsburgh for their #4 pick in the 2013 2nd round.
Texas sends DL McClurg, OL Derks, RB Harrison, K Sebastion Janikowski and their 2014 2nd round pick to Dallas for DL Michael Cambell, TE Ron Hayes, K Hall and both of their 2013 3rd round picks.
Birmingham trades DL Myron Johnson and OL Tony Warrick to Dallas for DL Pierce Minister, LB Toran James, and their 2014 1st round draft pick.
Las Vegas trades HB Tracey Dawsey to Pittsburgh for their second round bonus/comp pick in the 2013 college draft.
Birmingham trades QB Rick Johnson to Pittsburgh for their 2013 3rd round pick.


Halifax trades their 2013 4th round pick to Dallas for WR Klingbeil.
Toronto trades DL Campbell, and QB Boyst to Dallas for QB Query and LV 2013 comp 1st rounder.
LV trades DB Sheilds, and LV 2013 1st round comp pick to Dallas for  DB Archuletta and Edmonton's 2013 4th round pick.
Birm trades LB Battle, and DB Sampson to Dallas for LB Bently, OL Hutchinson, OL Trumbull, and their 2013 1st round pick.
Winnipeg trades Wr Eli Edwards, DB Tate Cogburn and LB Toran James to Dallas for DB Stewart Black, WR Anthony Berwick, LB Mark Smith and Dallas'  2013 2nd and 4th round picks.
Hamilton trades TE Boyko and WR Barber to Tennessee for TE Cyncar and OL Tarik.
Hamilton trades OL Hutchinson, QB Taylor, and their 2013 3rd rounder to Dallas for OL Croel, QB Tuiasosopo, and their 2013 7th rounder.
Calgary trades db Cross to Hamilton for their 2013 second round pick and TE Gann.
Tennesse trades DE  Collons, CB  Early and Tennessee's 2013 4rth round pick to Hamilton for DE Haffner and CB Millard.
Texas trades WR Mel Mathers, K John Stinson, DL Lonzell Jones, their 2013 1st round pick and their 2014 3rd round pick to Tennessee for LB Ian Gold and K Sebastion Janikowski.
Dallas trades WR Stanton, DL Higgs and Halifax 2013 4rth round pick to Halifax for WR Wayne, DL Kulka and Dallas 2013 2nd round pick.
Birmingham trades QB Rod Rodgers to Tennessee for Ottawa's 2013 2nd round pick.
Edmonton trades WR  Herrmann, DE  Harris, and T   Raymond to Dallas for LB  Byars, S   Warren and WR  Doleman,
Dallas trades DL Archer Williams and their 2013 2nd round draft pick to Halifax for DL Dave Pearce, QB Jed Query, and their 2013 4th and 5th round picks.
Las Vegas trades OL Jim Mills to Arizona for their 2013 6th round draft pick.

Texas Sends
2012 1st #7 overall, LB Fleck and DB Bernstein to Tennessee for 2012 #4 overall, their 2012  3rd round pick, and LB Fuller.
Tennessee sends its 2012 1st (2nd overall) to Texas for their 2012 1st (4th overall), 2012 2nd round bonus pick, 2013 2nd round pick and Ottawa's 2013 2nd round pick.
Ottawa trades their 2012 3rd round pick and the #15 2012 second round pick to Halifax for #6,7,8 2012 3rd round picks.
Ottawa trades QB Cade MCnown and a 2012 3rd round bonus pick to Arizona for their 2012 2nd round pick, #15.
Dallas trades DB Ron Howard and their 2012 2nd and 3rd round picks to Edmonton for DB Irv Warren and their 2013 4th round draft pick.
Winnipeg trades db Olav Friar to Indiana for the Firebirds 2nd round pick.
Texas trades wr chris chambers and 15th overall to Arizona for their 7th overall.
Ottawa trades their 2012 1st, 2012 bonus 2nd and 2013 2nd to Texas for RB Lester Brown and their 2012 bonus 3rd and 2013 3rd.
Winnipeg trades WR Kevin Klingbel to Dallas for their 2012 second round pick (#12)
Saskatchewan trades their 2012 second round pick and guard teddy ciancutti to Birmingham for dl tony bryant
Jacksonville trades lb Phil Glover to Texas for rb jo jo williams & db leland oates
Dallas trades QB Dunigan, WR Gardner, RB Williams, RB Phifer, and #15 overall in the 2012 college draft to Texas for QB Tuiasosopo, RB Reed, LB Scroggins, #4 in the 2nd and #4 in the 3rd rounds 2012 of the college draft
Winnipeg trades DE Jerald Baylis to Hamilton for TE Jay Christenson and Hamiltons 2013 3rd round pick.


Ottawa trades their 2012 2nd round pick and LB Kevin Hardy to Edmonton for QB Cade Mcnown.
Dallas trades their 2012 3rd round pick to Winnipeg for LB Mark Smith.
Halifax trades QB Matt Dunigan and DL Chris Ridgle to Dallas for QB Damon Allen, WR Mark Guy and Arizona's 2012 3rd round pick.
Halifax trades DB Fisher and their 2012 5th round pick to Saskatchewan for LB Rembert and their 2012 3rd round pick.
Halifax trades DB Larry Atkins to Hamilton for DB Drew Cross and their 2012 3rd round pick.
Dallas trades DB Mike Ramsey to Calgary for WR James Hood and WR Cortez Sumner.
Dallas trades WR Quentin Anderson, DL Andre Winkler, and RB Abram Scott to Winnipeg for TE Marc Zeno, LB Mike Bently, and RB Quentin Chernoff.
Dallas trades DL Chris Combs, LB LaVar Arrington, and their 2012 5th round  pick to Arizona for DL Lester Higgs, DB Mike Ramsey and LB Redden Locke.
Edmonton trades QB Allen, DL Kearns, WR Stanton and their 2012 2nd round pick to Dallas for OL Roper, WR Adcock, and QB McNown.
Calgary trades Dt Smith and OL Evans to Toronto for their 2012 1st round pick  DL Scott and Db Rogan.
Arizona sends RB Eddie George to Baltimore  for DB Stefan Iverson.
Dallas sendsick and LB Robert Dupriest.
Edmonton trades RB Blake Marshal and DB Mike Moreno to Ottawa for WR Kirk Elizondo and DB Chris Major.
Las Vegas trades QB Jeff Bentrim,  DB Gary Wesslen and their 2010 2nd round pick to Halifax for QB Eric Zeier and DB Cliff Brown.
Winnipeg trades DB Reggie Pleasant to Halifax for K Bernie Ruoff.
WR Keith Allen their 2012  2nd and 4th round picks to Arizona for their 2011  #18 pick in 1st round and their 2012 3rd round.
Dallas sends DL Corey Simon and 2011 #12 and #17 picks in second round to Hamilton for their 2011 1st pick in 1st round, DL Ronnie Glanton and DB Mitch Dimry
Arizona trades OL Steve Hutchinson  to Hamilton For their 2011 #18 in the 1st round, #15 in the 2nd round and #1 in the 6th round.
Saskatchewan trades DL Gunther Tayleor to Tennessee for their 2011 4rth round pick.
Halifax trades QB Jeff Bentrim and DB Benoit hardinger to Tennessee for their 2011  3rd and 5th  round picks.
Arizona trades their  2011 2nd round pick to Birmingham for DB Bronson  Foster.
Halifax Trades OL Geoff Lee and 2011 3rd round pick to Winnipeg for DL Rock Graham.
Jacksonville trades WR Joe Ruzak to Ottawa for DB Ronald Hopkins.


Dallas trades LB Wolford, DB Baxter, RB Allen, DB Oates, WR Butcher and Dallas' 1st and 2nd round picks 2011 college draft to Hamilton for DL Burke, DB Hill, LB Byars, WR Berwick and RB Williams.
Birmingham trades G Jefferson, and WR Armour to Hamilton for DB Williams and LB Brim.
Hamilton trades OL Ciancutti to Saskatchewan for their 2011 2nd Round Pick and DB Mitch Dimry.
Ottawa trades LB Bob Girt and QB Ken Hobart to Hamilton for QB Roy Dewalt.
Winnipeg trades K Bernie Ruoff to Calgary for LB Sam Agee.
Edmonton trades WR Kirk Ekizondo and their 2011 5th round draft pick for RB Albert Jones.
Dallas sends # 6 2010 1st round pick, # 10 2010 1st round pick and # 10 2010 2nd round pick to Baltimore for # 3 2010 1st rounder, # 19 2010 2nd round 2010 and QB Cade McNown.
Jax sends their 2010 6th & 2010 7th round picks to Arizona for both of their 2010 5th round picks.
Halifax trades OL Lacwell their 2010 5th rd pic and 2010 6th rd pick to Arizona for their 2010 1st rd pick.
Halifax  trades WR Emmanuel Tolbert to the Titans for DB Larry Atkins.
Las Vegas trades QB Eric Zeier their 2011  5th round draft pick to Arizona for their 20103rd round pick and their 2011 3rd round draft pick.
Jax sends ol graham and their 2011 4th round pick to ebmonton for db's stark & major .
Jax sends wr cogburn & qb grbac to Dallas for wr ruzek & k peterson
Dallas sends RB Alexander and 2010 #18 pick in this college draft to Birmingham for RB Allen and Birm's 2011 second round pick.
Jax sends their 2010 1st round college draft pick to dallas for qb austin and Dallas' 2010 3rd round pick.
Halifax trades a 2010 2nd round pick (1st in second round) & 2010 4th round pick (aquired from Edm) to Winnipeg for WR Ricardo Miller and Winnipeg's 2010 2nd Round Pick.
Dallas trades DB Gavin Rodgers to Tennessee for the Titans 2010 first round pick and Jed Tommy RB.
Winnipeg  trades  DE  Combs, DB Jordan and Winnipeg's 2011 second round pick to Dallas for DL Jerald Baylis.


Las Vegas trades C Blake Nill, DE Dave Pearce and their 2010 4th round pick to Halifax for OL Chris Dishman.
Arizona sends WR Tom Realford and their 2010 2nd round pick to  Tennessee for WR Eric Moulds
Winnipeg trades WR Jerome Erdman and their 2010 4rth round pick to Sacramento for DE John Lyght
Arizona sends WR Wayne, OL Lacewell, CB Reeimer and their 2010 3rd round pick to Halifax for HB Brett, WR Johnson and CB Hicks
Las Vegas sends C Winston Triple and T Brian Raymond to Edmonton for C  James Atkins
Halifax trades Kimbrough (QB), Stapler (WR) and Skinner (FB) to Edmonton for Brett (RB), Kulka (DL) and their 2010 4th Round Pick.
Edmonton trades  LB Robertson and their 2010 2nd round college pick to Saskatchewan for LB braswell, FB mcray and their 2010 1st round college pick.
Edmonton trades RB Gary Allen to Birmingham for Birmingham's 2010  2nd round p
Ottawa trades DL Belleveau, DB Hicks and LB Ford to Halifax for WR Bownes and TE Santiago.
Las Vegas trades P Terry Baker to BC for P David Joyner and BC's 2010 5th round pick.
Arizona trades their 2009 3rd round pick to Jacksonville for their 2009 6th round pick and their 2010 4rth round pick.
Dallas trades QB Joe Paopao and DB Gibson to Jacksonville for Jacksonville's 2009 1st round pick and 2010 2nd round pick.
Dallas trades their 2009 1st and Halifax's 2009 2nd round picks to Edmonton for QB John Hufnagel and RB Tracy Dawsy.
Arizona sends their 2009 2nd round pick to Birmingham for WR Relaford and DE Skillman.
Dallas sends WR Wolf Jungnitsch to Halifax for their 2009 1st round pick # 17 overall, and their 2009 3rd round pick.
Ottawa trades WR Craig Ellis, their 2009 2nd and 3rd round picks to Dallas for LB Brendan Ayanbadego Dallas' 2009 1st round #8 overall (from Las Vegas) and #22 overall and 2009 7th round pick.
Las Vegas trades QB Paopao, their 1st round pick # 8 overall 2009 draft, and DL Farve to Dallas for  DL Stroud, DB Lucas, and Dallas' # 3 pick in 3rd round 2009 draft.


***Note Trades in Blue are GFL trades, involving GFL-LFL teams and defunct GFL teams. All picks with defunct teams will follow the 18 current picks and be based on the 2008 LFL season finish. Where the pick has been traded to a defunct team, the pick will be a pass. ***
Hamilton trades WR Rod McHale toJacksonville for HB Toombs
Dallas sends DB Noble to Halifax for OL Coats
Hamilton sends TE Fabi, QB Kimbrough, DB P Spencer, their 2009 1st round pick, 2009 3rd round pick and 2010 2nd round pick to Halifax for DB G Williams, QB Johnson and OL Benjamin
Dallas sends QB Brooks to Toronto for DB Dirmy
Birmingham trades QB Matt Dunnigan, OL Chris Shultz, WR Steve Stapler,  DT Alec Mantle and their 2009 3rd round  pick to Halifax for HB Terrell Davis, DT Tony Bryant, LB Dan Quirk, TE O.J. Santiago and Halifax's 2009 1st  round draft pick
Winnipeg trades their 2009 2nd round pick to Calgary for RB Ray Crouse
Birmingham trades LB Ben Zambiasi and DB James Jefferson to Dallas for OL Tra Thomas and RB LaMont Jordan
BC-Halifax trade (details)
Las Vegas trades QB Ken Hobart to Ottawa for QB Joe Paopao.
Dallas trades QB Touiasosopo,  DL Jones, OL Newell, WR Morris,  RB Harrison and their 2009 3rd round pick to BC for QB Austin, OL Roper,  LB Maas and BC 2009 2nd round pick.
Dallas trades QB Ruckers,  DL Smith,  DB Kennedy,  TE Travers,  WR Johnson and their 2009, 2nd round pick to Calgary for DL Baylis, WR Jarvis, OL Ackerman, DB Noble, and DB Langhorne.
Dallas sends OL Pete Kendall to Las Vegas for WR Wolf Jungnitsch.
Edmonton sends their 3rd round pick in 2009 to Ottawa for DB David Wells.
Dallas sends RB Terrell Davis, WR Kevin Johnson, LB John Mobley and Dallas' 2009 1st round pick to Wash (Halifax) for RB LaDainian Tomlinson, DL Larry Smith, and LB Fred Tang
Seattle (defunct)  sends 1st rd draft pick in 2009 to Miami (San Fransisco) for T Zach Weigert
Dallas sends RB Barlow, RB Sacca, and TE Heiden for Seattle's (defunct)  RB Terrell Davis and their 3rd round pick in 2009 college draft
Minnisota (defunct) trades LB Katzenmoyer to Miami (San Fransisco) for Miami's 2009 1st round pick, OL Panos and LB Minor
Dallas sends Baltimore's (defunct) 4th rounder and Dallas' 4th rounder in 2008 draft to Miami (san Fran) for Miami's (San Fran) 3rd rounder in 2009 draft
Miami (San Fran) trades Dallas #1 this Draft and WR Manning to Buffalo (defunct) for WR Chris Chambers and Bills 2009 4th Rd
Titans send 2009 3rd round pick to Miami (San Fran) for TE Lumpkin
Miami (San Fran) trades DB Mike Brown to Arizona (defunct) for Arizona's 2009 1st round pick.
Dallas trades QB Steve McNair, DL Charlie Bray, WR Amani Toomer, TE Bubba Franks, NY Giants (defunct) 2008 1st and 2008 3rd round picks to NY Jets (defunct) for QB Eric Zeier, DB Dwayne Goodrich, DB Ken Lucas, DL Shantae Carver, TE Steve Heiden and NY Jets (defunct) 2009 1st round draft pick.


Winnipeg trades RB Nils McKyer and DE James Dent to Hamilton for DB Tate Cogburn, WR Kevin Klingbeil and CB Antonio Maddox
Winnipeg trades WR Keith Ross to Saskatchewan for WR Andre Washington and Saskatchewan's 2008 2nd round pick.
Las Vegas trades QB Roy Dewalt  and OL Mark Fuller to Hamilton for QB Ken Hobart, FB Milson Jones and Hamilton's 2008 1st round pick.
Calgary trades WR Jarvis Maggs a conditional 2008 4th round pick to Las Vegas for WR Frank Jarvis.
Calgary trades QB Bernard Klein to Hamilton for QB Bob Martin and their 2008 2nd round pick.
Toronto trades HB Willard Reeves, LB Jeff Braswell and their 2008 1st round pick to Saskatchewan for WR Fred Jones and LB Cameron Wilks.
Las Vegas trades LB Billy Jackson to Ottawa for Ottawa's 2008 6th round pick.
Winnipeg trades DL Rick Klassen and DB Mitch Dimry to Toronto for DL James Dent and DB Eric Taylor.
Hamilton traves LB Jeff Omlid to Ottawa for Ottawa's 2008 4rth round pick.
Hamilton trades their 2007 2nd round pick to Las Vegas for WR Keith Ross.
Sacramento trade DL Benito Baker to Winnipeg for Winnipeg's 2008 3rd round pick.
Montreal trades LB Tracey Mack, their 2007 1st round pick, Hamilton's 2007 1st round pick, their 2007 1st round compensation pick,  their 2008 1st round pick and RB Kevin Friar to Las Vegas for LB Damian Vanhorse, DL Loyd Lewis, LB Clint Moran, RB Jim Ironside and Las Vegas's 2008 4th round pick.
Birmingham trades RB Walter Bender, LB Joshua Somics and DB Paul Bennett to Montreal for OL David Blake, OL Chris Schultz, Montreal's 2007 2nd round pick and Montreal's 2007 3rd round pick.


Sacramento trades LB Steve Crane to Edmonton for DL Brennan.
Toronto trades TE Derrick Bigger and OL Martin Davis to Edmonton for WR Shaun Legette and TE Ron Hayes.
Edmonton trades QB Jeff Bentrim to Las Vegas for WR Mervin Pearce and Las Vegas's 2008 3rd round pick.
Montreal trades WR Ramsay Ruzek and OL Ciancutti to Hamilton for OL Loyd Fairbanks, WR Smith and Hamilton's 2007 1st round pick.
Ottawa trades DL Daryyl Sydney and OL John Dukes to BC for BC's 2007 3rd round pick.
Edmonton trades OL Quinn Gash to Ottawa for QB John Congemi and Ottawa's 2007 4rth round pick.
Hamilton trades QB Bob Martin and their 2007 3rd round pick to Edmonton for QB Van Egger.
Birmingham trades WR Louis Stapp and RB Dean Jonas to Edmonton for RB Charles Treggs and RB Johnson.
Birmingham trades LB Alex Schlereth to Toronto for RB Robert Smith and Toronto's 2007 6th round pick.
Ottawa trades QB Rick Vavra and their 2007 6th round pick to Montreal for QB Mike Kerrigan.
Las Vegas trades TE Nick Araki and a 2006 4rth round pick(OL Stewart Stewart) to BC for Saskatchewan's 2006 1st round pick(WR Don Narcisse).
Montreal trades OL Jamie Hill and Saskatchewan's 2006 1st round pick(Traded to Las Vegas) to BC for BC's 2006 1st round pick(WR Tony Champion).
Saskatchewan trades OL John Omlid to Las Vegas for Las Vegas's 2007 5th round pick.
Saskatchewan trades DL Walter Ballard to Las Vegas for Las Vegas's 2007 3rd round pick.


Edmonton trades DB Mel Jaeger to Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan's 2006 5th round pick(WR Patrick Trapilo).
Edmonton trades TE Del Bryant  and LB Alec Schlereth to Birmingham for DB Mike Mc Gruder, RB Charles Treggs  and Birmingham's 2006 4th round  pick(P Danny Bowser).
Ottawa trades LB Danny Bass to Edmonton for OL John Dukes.
Saskatchewan trades QB Joe Paopao and OL Dan Hurly to Ottawa for QB John Hufnagal and WR Perry Tuttle.
Baltimore trades QB Marcus Musson to Edmonton for LB Charles Szott and Ottawa's 2006 2nd round pick(DT Gunther Taylor).
Baltimore trades HB Dino Snider to Hamilton for HB Braxton and Saskatchewan's 2006 1st round pick.
Edmonton trades HB Dino Snider, DL Reggie Salisbury, DL Joe Lodish and their 2006 1st round  pick(QB Danny Barrett) to Baltimore for RB Gary Allen, DT Dan Kearns and LB Stevon Ruffatto.


Ottawa trades DB Eric Stalker and Edmonton's 2005 1st round pick(LB Matt Finley) to Saskatchewan for BC's 2005 1st round pick(DL Tim Lorenz).
Saskatchewan trades DB Keith Gooch, OL Warrick and OL Underhill to Birmingham for their 2005 1st round pick(RB John Henry White) and K Tony Edmunds.
Hamilton trades HB Chico Walker and their 2006 3rd round pick(LB Travis Hyche) to Las Vegas for WR Mike Bender.
Saskatchewan trades LB Anthogny Mitkiff and their 2006 1st round pick(Pick traded to Las Vegas via Montreal and BC) to Hamilton for 2005 BC's 1st round pick(Traded to Ottawa)
Hamilton trades LB Maynard Washington, WR James Townsend and OL Marvin Nelson  to Baltimore for OL Paul Stewart, LB Todd Duper and WR Drew Bentley.
Ottawa trades OL Quinn Gash, their 2005 6th round pick(WR Reggie Morris) and their 2006 2nd round pick(traded to Montreal) to Edmonton for WR Gary Pasley and their 2005 1st round pick(traded to Saskatchewan).
Ottawa trades Muldoon and their 2006 3rd round pick(OL Lyle Bauer) to Sacramento for CB Eric Stalker.
BC trades QB Kurt Nelson to Edmonton for Edmonton's 2005 3rd round pick(DE Jesse Marve)  and Edmonton's 2006 5th round pick(LB Virgil Wiedner).
Baltimore trades HB Treggs, DL Toffelmire and DB Augustine to Birmingham for QB Mike Kerrigan, DL Grover Covington and P Ken Clark.
Las Vegas trades QB Bernard Klein to Calgary for Calgary's 2005 3rd round pick(K JT Hay) and Calgary's 2006 4th round pick(OL Perry Lee).
BC trades OL Chris Walby and BC's 2005 5th round pick(FB Vernice Elizondo) to Baltimore for Baltimore's 2005 1st round pick(DT Tony Klingler).
Las Vegas trades LB David Florence, K Ray Miller and Las Vegas's 2005 5th round  pick(OL Chane Warren) to BC for BC's 2005 2nd round pick(LB Mitch Rein) and K Gerald Azernero.
BC trades LB Bernie Morrison and HB Widell to Baltimore for LB Butler and HB Hallock and Baltimore's 2005 5th round pick(QB Brian Strickland).
Sheveport trades LB Garth Willow to BC for LB Doug Landry.
Saskatchewan trades OL Randy Ambrosie and their 2005 3rd round(DB Robert Trudeau) to Shreveport for LB Phil Haynes and OL Rufus Bonhomme.
Shreveport trades QB Christian Woodson, DL  Garth Kowalski Shreveport's 2005 1st round pick(OL Jim Mills ) to Baltimore for QB Bob Martin and DE Brent Williams.